About Us

Thrilling entertainment
and wide offerings

The General Entertainment Authority was established in line with Saudi Vision 2030 to regulate and develop the entertainment sector by providing inclusive, world-class entertainment offerings that would drive the industry to proactively contribute to the fulfillment of the national goals of a Vibrant Society and a Thriving Economy.

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Rich Offerings:

Catering to the needs and preferences of all segments of the Kingdom
s population
and fulfilling their aspirations by providing a variety of entertainment activities that
are high quality and adhere to the standards of the entertainment sector.

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Growing Sector:

Fostering the development and expansion of companies and professionals in the
entertainment sector through capacity building initiatives, as well as attracting
local and foreign investments to facilitate the advancement of the entertainment

تنمية اقتصادية وفرص وظيفية ١

Strong Capabilities:

Cultivating the talents and skills of employees and foster a dynamic and appealing

work environment that reflects commitment to excellence and efficiency in the organization and its processes.

Facts & Figures

The entertainment sector has achieved record numbers over the past 5 years:

New licenses
Businesses involved
New permits
Total revenue
Events attendees
Days of events