Shared Services Division

Shared Services Division

Shared Services Division

About Division

The Shared Services division contributes directly to the development of operations throughout all departments via a series of programs and initiatives that match the needs of each department while empowering them all collectively to fulfill GEA’s strategic goals.

Units: Information Technology, Purchasing, Administrative Affairs
Sub-divisions: Applications, Technical Governance

Shared Services Division Tasks

What We Do:

Providing technical services and advanced technologies to all GEA’s departments to support them in fulfilling their goals

Providing technical and operational support to GEA’s staff and management, and overlooking the digital infrastructure including networks, servers, data centers, telecommunications rooms, and main systems

Providing technical governance services including policies, procedures, follow-ups, and monitoring and evaluation

Implementing the Government Tenders and Procurement Law and its executive regulation to carry out projects and achieve GEA’s vision

Submitting Request for Proposals for projects and preparing tender documents, contracts, and contract awarding documents, and preparing the annual budget for projects

Providing office supplies, and maintainance services for printers, and ensuring maintenance of the facilities, as well as organizing meetings for GEA’s guests, contacting government entities, and offering logistic services