Strategy and VRO Division

Strategy and VRO Division

Strategy and VRO Division

About Division

By laying out and developing GEA’s strategic approach, message and objectives, this division drives its growth in line with Saudi Vision 2030.


– Strategic Management office

– Vision Realization office

– Project Management office

STRATEGY and VRO division​ Tasks

What We Do:

Managing, overseeing, and supporting execution of all initiatives, programs, and projects, while monitoring overall performance in accordance with the governance of Saudi Vision 2030

Creating an entertainment strategy that ensures the efficient involvement of the private sector and the development of relevant initiatives

Preparing the list of strategic initiatives and linking it to key performance indicators (KPIs)

Implementing annual plans and achieving their targets, including measuring performance and ensuring organizational excellence through documented and approved procedures

Executing initiatives outlined in Vision 2030’s programs and applying the approved governance processes

Maintaining close coordination with relevant entities to ensure initiatives are seamlessly executed and reports on GEA’s performance are presented periodically

Issuing and approving the annual executive plan for GEA’s projects

Providing support and knowledge-based consultations to project managers and GEA members on the best project management practices

Running workshops on the standard project management approaches and best practices Managing GEA’s projects database