Diversify and enrich entertainment experiences around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In line with one of the pillars of the Kingdom's vision 2030 in creating a vibrant society, the General Entertainment Authority has been established to organize, develop, and lead the entertainment sector to provide exciting entertainment options, and tailored experiences to the needs of people from all walks of life around Saudi Arabia. Also, to contribute in improving and enriching the lifestyle and social cohesion among the community.

Wide offering across the Kingdom

Full entertainment offering aligned to global standards, which are available across the kingdom Accessible to all segments of society inclusive of citizens and expats, and accessible by different income levels Contributes to social cohesion, providing opportunities for families and friends to experience different activities together.

Supporting the local economy

An economic driver to diversify the economy that contributes to the development of the gross domestic product. Furthermore, supports small-medium sized enterprises, and increases foreign direct investments in order to create jobs in the entertainment industry.