Governance Risk & Compliance

Governance Risk & Compliance

Governance Risk & Compliance

About Department

The Governance Risk and Compliance Department is responsible for running operations that support GEA’s operational and strategic objectives, seize opportunities, and identify potential threats.

It seeks to attain its targets by: identifying and analyzing main risks to ensure future growth and current asset protection, offering objective insight into the accuracy and sufficiency of information, and effectively implementing GEA’s risk management program.

The Governance Risk and Compliance Department Tasks

What We Do:

Optimizing the use of available resources (financial, human, technical)

Incorporating risk management within the decision making process

Identifying GEA’s risks score, assessing its resilience and setting appropriate response actions; monitoring, updating, and reporting the list of potential risks on a regular basis, and bringing top priority risks to the attention of the various departments

Guiding GEA’s staff to a unified approach towards risks, and unifying methods for collecting and presenting risk assessment results

Maintaining open and transparent communications channels related to risks

Utilizing tools, resources, and operations as necessary to attain GEA’s risk management goals

Setting standards, tools, and methods for managing, monitoring, and addressing corporate risks, and submitting reports in this regard

Adopting an expedient approach towards goal achievement