Regulatory Affairs Division

Regulatory Affairs Division

Regulatory Affairs Division

About Division

This division undertakes all tasks and operations involving regulatory affairs at GEA and all its offices work in tandem to achieve the objectives of the department.

-Public Relations and Organizational Policies Management (Regulatory Affairs, Organizational Policies)
– Licensing (Application Eligibility, License Services Office, Licensing office)
-Inspection and Compliance Office (Complaints Management, Compliance Management)

Division of regulatory affairs Tasks

What We Do:

Assessing the general situation of the industry to find common points of interest with stakeholders and opportunities to develop the sector

Setting up and implementing development plans to be discussed at meetings with other GEA departments or government entities

Supporting the Licensing Office and the Inspection and Compliance Office through overseeing the implementation of processes with the concerned entities

Preparing and developing regulations guiding the entertainment sector

Assessing draft regulations and financial liabilities, and passing on consultations involving violations and penalties

Reviewing applications for registration, entertainment event permits, accreditation certificates, as well as extensions, deferral, and license termination requests

Communicating with applicants, guiding them to submit the necessary details and documents correctly, and supporting them through coordinating with the concerned entities via email or the Entertainment Portal

Issuing licenses after obtaining the approval of the Head of the Licensing Committee

Drafting and developing internal policies and procedures for managing and classifying complaints

Receiving and tracking entertainment events’ periodical reports and project closure reports

Preparing an inspection list for entertainment activities in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations