Ministry of Interior Presents Dazzling Performances at Riyadh Front to Celebrate Saudi National Day 93

وزارة الداخلية

In celebration of the 93rd Saudi National Day, the Ministry of Interior, in partnership with the General Entertainment Authority (GEA), is organizing the “Ezz Al-Watan 2” event. The celebration introduces visitors to the ministry’s efforts in building its security system, developing its capabilities and services, reviewing national achievements at the security level and sensing their […]

Military Parade and Majestic Air and Sea Shows to Celebrate Saudi National Day 93

مسيرة عسكرية

As part of Saudi Arabia’s 93rd National Day festivities, which were launched with the participation of government and private agencies in all Saudi regions, citizens and residents are eagerly waiting for the major national celebrations on this occasion. The celebrations include a majestic military parade and exciting air shows over the skies of several Saudi […]

Kingdom Tour 2023 Concludes Its Musical and Theatrical Activities

ختام فعاليات جولة المملكة

The activities of Kingdom Tour 2023 concluded the day before yesterday, Saturday, September 16. The play “London Apartment,” which ended its performances two days ago in Wadi Al-Dawasir, was the last activity of the Tour that began in May and visited various Saudi cities and regions, presenting 27 concerts and 23 plays. The events were […]

GEA Discusses Intellectual Property and Patent Rights in the Entertainment Sector

الحقوق الملكية الفكرية

The General Entertainment Authority (GEA) recently organized a workshop on intellectual property in the entertainment sector. The workshop discussed intellectual fields related to the sector to spread awareness and build advanced entertainment based on the latest international standards. The workshop, which was held in cooperation with the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property, discussed defining the […]

“London Apartment” in Wadi Al Dawasir for 3 days as part of Kingdom Tour 2023

شقة لندن

As part of its Arab theatrical shows, Kingdom Tour 2023 presents, at the end of this week, the play “London Apartment” in King Abdulaziz Cultural Hall in Wadi Al-Dawasir. Visitors enjoy special times watching a group of stars in a distinguished drama and comedy show between 14-16 September. The play stars Tariq Al-Ali, in addition […]

GEA Announces Its Activities for Saudi 93rd National Day

اعلان كتيب اليوم الوطني

Today, the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) announced its activities for Saudi Arabia’s 93rd National Day in various regions of the Kingdom to embody manifestations of loyalty to the homeland, whose people celebrate their glorious past and their aspirations for a prosperous future. The celebrations of the National Day, which comes this year under the slogan […]

Kingdom Tour 2023 Fills Theaters of Saudi Cities with Comedy and Music

جولة المملكة

Since its launch about 4 months ago, Kingdom Tour 2023 has achieved multiple entertainment leaps by presenting many concerts and theatrical performances, in which prominent singers and artists participated, in several Saudi cities and regions. These events provided distinguished entertainment times for the residents and visitors of the Kingdom. The Tour, the first of its […]

GEA: SAR 70m Support for SMEs Initiative in Partnership with Kafala Program

مبادرة المنشآت الصغيرة

Since its launch in July 2022, the initiative to support entertainment facilities provided by the General Entertainment Authority (GEA), in partnership with the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Financing Guarantee Program (Kafala), has provided about SAR 70 million in financing to facilities operating in the entertainment sector in all regions of the Kingdom. There were […]