01. Health Awareness

  1. Publish awareness message that anyone with COVID-19 symptoms or had been exposed to a confirmed COVID-19 case during the past 14 days, will be prevented from entering the venue.
  2. Provide awareness material to educate all workers and visitors and display informative signs about precautionary measures and procedures such as washing hands, using sanitizers, avoiding handshakes, sneezing etiquette, ensuring a safe distance between people at all times and preventing any congestion.
  3. Elderly people (65 years and above) and those with chronic diseases are advised to avoid visiting crowded amusement parks.
  4. Sending instructions to visitors before their visit to inform them in advance about precautionary measures.
  5. The advertising campaign for the event must include the procedures followed for the safety of visitors and employees.
  6. Emphasizing on the principles


    and reporting any violation of applying the precautionary measures.

02. Physical Distancing

  1. Determine the venue capacity, one person per 9 square meters, to ensure physical distancing and that the number of visitors does not exceed the permitted capacity.
  2. Organize the process of entering and waiting outside the venue, especially if the number of visitors reaches the permitted venue capacity.
  3. Mark separate gates for entrance and exit.
  4. Attendance calculations:
    1 person / 9 square meters
    Example: If the area capacity is 1600, square meters
    1600 / 9 = 177 person
  5. Manage crowd flow and seating and maintain a distance of two meters between people at all times except for individuals from one family.
  6. Use specific paths to prevent crowd and maintain safe physical distance by determining the capacity of the events’ area.
  7. Display visible signs and floor stickers clearly or organized paths for entrance, exit, seating, and waiting rows to ensure physical distancing.
  8. Determine the seating area that ensures physical and safe distance and sanitize it frequently.
  9. It is preferable to use the stairs. In case of the use of an elevator, only two people are allowed at a time ensuring physical distancing.
  10. Sanitize surfaces, seats, and instruments that are often touched frequently.
  11. Keep barriers between employees and the public to maintain their safety and apply physical distancing.
  12. Make continuous reminders at frequent intervals on maintaining physical distancing.
  13. Keep a distance of at least 2 meters between games.
  14. Limiting group games, such as escape rooms, laser tag and other to members of the same household.
  15. Social distancing of at least 2 meters between visitors.
  16. For group games, 2 meter social distancing is required, except for members of the same household.


03. Duration of Contact

  1. It is preferable to reduce the period of presence in the event as much as possible.
  2. Reduce the contact between organizers, participants, and service providers as much as possible.


04. Organizational Procedures

  1. Take into consideration (in planning and implementation) the possibility of collecting attendees and organizers’ pre-registered data, contact numbers, assigned seat numbers, barcode and QR code use, and other relevant facts.
  2. Bookings, issuing of tickets, and entrance registration should be done electronically. The exchange of paper currencies must be avoided as much as possible.
  3. Mandate all employees dealing with the public to fill a daily self-evaluation form and register in all applications related to the COVID-19 pandemic issued by the Ministry of Health.
  4. Mandatory follow-up precautionary health measures for all workers (wearing masks all the time, hand washing, and sanitizing).
  5. The temperature of workers should be measured and they should be checked for any COVID-19 symptoms every day.
  6. A sufficient number of workers should be assigned at the gates and various areas of the venue to manage the crowd and ensure full adherence to precautionary measures.
  7. All personnel in the venue should be trained on infection control principles for non-health practitioners.
  8. Employees must be trained before the opening of the venue on the procedures and safety protocols.


05. Preventive Measures

  1. Measure the temperature of each person at the gates and ensure full compliance with precautionary measures. Prevent entry of anyone having a temperature exceeding 38 degrees or showing COVID-19 symptoms. Such cases must be reported and isolated.
  2. Provide masks and hand sanitizers at the entrances and ensure that everyone uses these.
  3. No one is allowed to enter with gloves worn from outside the venue.
  4. Ensure that everyone wears masks (cloth masks) properly and prevent the entry of anyone without a mask.
  5. Hand sanitizing before entering and exiting the venue (sanitizers are provided by the event organizer and distributed all around the event area).
  6. Reject the entry of any suspected cases whether employees or visitors.
  7. Animals are not allowed.
  8. Use automatic doors or keep venue doors open if possible.
  9. Provide disposable pens, papers, or other stationery items and get rid of them properly.
  10. Notify 937 Center immediately of any suspected case. Coordinate to complete the required procedures by allocating rooms to isolate the suspected cases while awaiting their transfer to the health facility.
  11. Periodically clean and sanitize frequently touched surfaces.
  12. Schedule seat sanitization after each show.
  13. Ensure good ventilation of all toilets and providing soap and sanitizers.
  14. Provide trashcans with a lid that operate without touch and distribute them throughout the event’s venue.
  15. Make the provision for payments only through electronic points of sale (bankcard, mobile, and internet payment options) to avoid the use of currency notes and coins.
  16. Prevent the crowd at the toilet facility. Toilets must be regularly cleaned and sanitized after each use. Ensure that everyone should sanitize hands after using the toilet.
  17. Provide rest areas for employees.
  18. Prayer area should be sanitized after each prayer. Signs must be clearly marked on the floor for worshippers to maintain a distance of two meters between each other.
  19. Air filters for ventilation devices, especially air conditioners, should be changed or cleaned periodically.
  20. Distribute paper napkins and placing them in prominent places.
  21. Prohibit VR games or any devices, helmets, or any activity that is difficult to sanitize due to the high possibility of transmitting infection.
  22. Sanitize the rides after each run.
  23. Close the trampoline and jumping areas and prevent entry to it 23- Sanitize electronic game gadgets after each use.
  24. Close private party rooms.