That Allaykat

ذات اللايكات

A comedy play that revolves around four social media influencers who face a set of challenges led by their godfather and their fame maker after the appearance of a super influencer that threatens their fame. They fight with him in “that allaykat” battle to destroy him in front of the masses, but events take an […]

Sabaheya Mobaraka Show

From the first day of marriage, a mysterious situation occurs, and comedic situations follow during the play

the fridge

A social comedy play that tells the story of two thieves who enter a mortuary to steal the organs of the corpses to sell on the black market. Little did they know that upon their entrance strange situations occur that turn their lives upside down.

Moment of Imagin

A specialized center for modern VR gaming, along with a café and restaurant serving visitors across a wide area of 1,500 m2


An entertainment company that present special and unique experience for all ages and society segments through Zip-line, climbing and other action activities.

Hadota Masrya

This event is dedicated to Egyptian culture and celebrates its heritage, with several activities suitable for all ages, where you can enjoy traditional culinary, stage performances from Egyptian folklore, fire spectacles, comedic segments, in addition to hosting Egyptian public figures