Jazan Concert

حفلة جازان

A musical night of its kind ,with the artists Balqees and Abdullah Al-Manea, performing together within the Kingdom Tour at Prince Sultan Cultural Center in Jazan on the 21st of July.


قابل للنشر

A comedy play about a woman who unintentionally finds herself in the middle of the world of fascists and fame, and is surprised that she has fallen into many problems while adapting to her new situation amidst a group of climbers, hypocrites, and some corrupt companies around her, so she tries hard to get rid […]

That Allaykat

ذات اللايكات

A comedy play that revolves around four social media influencers who face a set of challenges led by their godfather and their fame maker after the appearance of a super influencer that threatens their fame. They fight with him in “that allaykat” battle to destroy him in front of the masses, but events take an […]

Meshwari Night

The great artist “Mohamed Mounir,” known for his music throughout the Arab world, is coming to perform a concert on the special night of “My Journey.” He will be accompanied by the orchestra led by Maestro Hany Farhat. The concert will be held at the Benchmark Stage on June 16th.


A play about Masoud, the loser who is marginalized from his family and society when he decides to take the easy path of social media to prove himself and succeed through it, but what happens is completely different from his expectations and the plan he drew for himself.


WWE presents Night Of Champions at the Jeddah Superdome, the world’s largest pillarless Superdome, on Saturday, May 27, 2023. Featuring WWE’s biggest Superstars, the event will for the first time see one Superstar crowned new World Heavy Weight Champion.

Rabeh Saqer Concert

An unforgettable night with the artist Rabeh Saqr and the musical band led by Maestro Hani Farhat at AlJohara Closed Hall on Wednesday 29th June.