Rabeh Saqer Concert

An unforgettable night with the artist Rabeh Saqr and the musical band led by Maestro Hani Farhat at AlJohara Closed Hall on Wednesday 29th June.

Sabaheya Mobaraka Show

From the first day of marriage, a mysterious situation occurs, and comedic situations follow during the play

Majida El Roumi Concert

For the first time in Jeddah Season! The artist: Majida El Roumi will perform in a big special concert

the fridge

A social comedy play that tells the story of two thieves who enter a mortuary to steal the organs of the corpses to sell on the black market. Little did they know that upon their entrance strange situations occur that turn their lives upside down.

joy awards

Joy Awards 2022 is the largest ceremony to recognize and honor artistic achievements of the Arab world, featuring 13 awards that will be handed to nominated female and male celebrities across various genres and categories. Joy Awards ceremony presents the award distribution to bring outstanding achievement to the forefront.

Riyadh Triple Night

A huge concert for once by a group of Arab and Gulf artists for a night full of joy and enthusiasm.


A children’s play that tells the story of Badr, who enters a struggle with his toys against the evil crow leader to restore the Star of Wishes. We will experience a musical play full of performances and suspense in a whimsical fashion as we follow Badr navigating this new world