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General Entertainment Authority goes behind the scenes of ( Ramez Aqlahu Tar)

Publish Date : 13/ 04/ 2021
Category : News


A new season of the famous prank show ‘Ramez Aqlahu Tar’ (Ramez Lost his Mind), sponsored by the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) kicked off today with a memorable first episode. The show, hosted by famous Egyptian comedian and actor Ramez Galal and broadcast on MBC channels during the holy month of Ramadan (every evening at 8:15 KSA), has been filmed for the first time at a set in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

In its first episode, the program featured Egyptian singer Ahmed Saad. Following its typical plot, the show hosts celebrities and creates scenarios that would take the guests by surprise, setting off a whirlwind of unforeseen reactions and situations. This season revolves around inviting guests to the launching of a theme park within the ‘Riyadh Season’ mega-event where they are welcomed by Saudi comedian Hassan Asiri who takes them on a tour around the location. During the visit, the guests wear a uniform featuring the theme park’s logo and goes about trying rides that they would have never dared to take.

Produced through the diligent efforts of a team of over 200 people, the show was filmed over the course of 15 days on an elaborately designed modern filming site that required 40 days to build. Additionally, the team utilized the latest special effects technologies in the filmmaking industry, incorporating international expertise in the process; a team of experts from the UK and another team specialized in optical illusions from the US worked side by side with local companies and Saudi talents on the massive production.

GEA’s sponsorship of the regionally popular show aligns with its role in organizing and developing the entertainment industry and providing diverse entertainment options, whether through physically attended or broadcast activities and events. Throughout the previous year, GEA organized 13 remote entertainment activities including concerts and tv programs, which witnessed massive success in Saudi Arabia and the region.


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