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Riyadh Oasis

A tailor-made 5 star winter sanctuary at the heart of Riyadh’s
beautiful golden desert landscapes

A unique and comprehensive entertaining experience, where visitors
will be able to discover, dine , engage , play , celebrate, camp and
share amazing times with friends and family,

A place where stunning nature meets modern luxury with an amazing
scenery of stunning desert Oasis

An opportunity to experience the rich culture of Saudi in an
exceptional way, with multiple entertainment and fine dining
varieties, along with multi-international diverse cultural music and live

A selection of award-winning international cuisines

Amazing ambiance to dine, have fun, enjoy your favorite music and
camp during Riyadh’s winter during a period of 3 months.


Event Date

Start Date 17/ 01/ 2021 End Date 10/ 04/ 2021

Event Location