Entertainment Scholarship Programs

Entertainment Scholarship Programs

The program aims to enroll employees in scholarship programs with leading universities in the field of entertainment.

Brief about the service

GEA launched the first phase of the program in liaison with Al Qiddiya company, enrolling students in Bachelor’s degree programs in Entertainment Management in cooperation with the University of Central Florida, ahead of their subsequent recruitment.

Fresh high school graduates

Target Groups

60 students

Number of students

4 years

Program duration

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Capability development

This service allows individuals to benefit from various capability development products designed for the entertainment sector.

These services include:

  • Training programs
  • Diploma program
  • Scholarships
  • Fellowship programs
  • Certification Programs

Challenges and competitions

This services includes all challenges offered or supported by GEA which is designed to find and empower local talents or solve challenges in the entertainment sector and transform them to tangible solutions.

These services include:

  • Hackathons and Innovation Competitions
  • Entertainment Challenges Initiative and Talent Initiative with MBC Academy (رحلة إبداعية حول المملكة)

Happiness Creators Initiative

Recently launched by GEA, this new initiative is dedicated to qualify, train, and develop the workforce of the entertainment sector which is one of the newest and most vital sectors in the Kingdom.

A Study to Determine the Entertainment Sector’s Development Requirements

Surveying the entertainment landscape in the Kingdom, this project aims to determine the professions that are available within GEA’s ecosystem, identifying their clear-cut descriptions and the necessary qualifications they require.

Entertainment Industry’s Diploma Program

Supported by GEA, the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF), and the Saudi Entertainment Academy, the program was launched in collaboration with Cote d’Azur University.

Entertainment Industry’s E-Training Platform

In collaboration with the globally-renowned Paris Academy, more than 30 (online) training courses will be delivered by the Saudi Entertainment Academy, covering the following five subject areas

Etiquette and Protocol of Hosting Guests

  • Crowd Management
  • Security and Safety
  • Event Management
  • Event Marketing

Entertainment Fellowship Program

The program aims to enroll selected employees from the Saudi entertainment sector to globally-acclaimed technical training programs in the field in cooperation with pioneering global universities and companies, ultimately facilitating knowledge transfer and accelerating the sector’s development.

Entertainment Pioneers Program

The program aims to enroll executive-level leaders and decision makers in leadership programs in cooperation with top global academies specialized in leadership development, and world-leading companies in the entertainment industry.

Entertainment Challenges Program

A national competition designed to discover, nurture, and empower local talents to support the development of the Saudi entertainment sector directly and indirectly.

Entertainment Scholarship Programs

The program aims to enroll employees in scholarship programs with leading universities in the field of entertainment.