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National Day hosts the largest air show ever

Publish Date : 23/ 09/ 2020
Category : News, Press Releases

The 90th Saudi National Day hosted the largest air show ever in the history of Saudi National Days. This show was held with the participation of both civil and military aircrafts for the first time.

The show was held this afternoon (Wednesday) in the sky of Riyadh, after long work and planning in which many public and private agencies participated in order to present a show up to this important day that the Kingdom is proud of. Under the coordination of the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) and the participation of Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Media, Presidency of the Royal Guard, Presidency of State Security, Civil Aviation Authority, Saudi Royal Air Force, and Saudi Hawks Team participated in the show. In addition, Saudi Air Navigation Services Company (SANA), Helicopter Company, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Flynas.

The air shows first started with a Royal Guard band performing the National Anthem, then an AW139 flew. This is one of the most reliable and efficient helicopters in the world. It belongs to the Helicopter Company (owned by the Public Investment Fund). It was carrying a huge flag of the Kingdom exceeding 2000 meters square; Then many air formations appeared, in which a number of combat fighters took part, led by the locally developed F-15SI fighter. Parts of this fighter were indigenously assembled in the facilities of Alsalam Aerospace Industries Company. This fighter is the latest in its class. It is named SA, indicating the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Royal Air Force and the Saudi Hawks team participated in the show with combat fighters, support and demonstrate aircrafts decorated with the National Day slogan and the phrase (Mettle to the Top) that represents the National Day slogan. The participating military aircrafts also included Tornado attack fighters, Typhoon fighters manned with air and technical crews capable of completing their operational missions, and finally the interception F-15.

The participating aircrafts also included the Boeing Dreamliner (Dream Airplane) and Boeing 777 belonging to Saudi Arabian Airlines, which is one of the latest and best airplanes developed by Boeing. Also participated in the show an Airbus A320neo belonging to Flynas .

On Monday, September 21, a similar air show was held in Jeddah.