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The General Entertainment Authority Inaugurates Webpage for Live Shows at Restaurants and Cafés on “Enjoy Saudi” Platform

Publish Date : 25/ 03/ 2021
Category : News


The General Entertainment Authority has inaugurated the Live Shows at Restaurants and Cafés webpage on Enjoy Saudi platform, aiming to offer live-shows’ enthusiasts a comprehensive overview about the dates, locations and performers, in addition to the reservation process.
The webpage covers details about the live shows organized at restaurants and cafés such as musical and instrumental performances, concerts, and stand-up comedy shows.
Enjoy Saudi platform and its social media channels enable its visitors to have full details about the shows planned at the restaurants and cafés, including the scheduled timetable, information about the performers and artists, the type of the shows, durations, dates, and locations; in addition to contact information, the reservation process, and audio-visual content.
This comes In line with GEA’s efforts in supporting the entities operating in the entertainment sector and promoting the entertainment events they organize to augment the sector’s economic impact and to boost its contribution to the local GDP.
Enjoy Saudi is one of the GEA’s top initiatives, allowing visitors to explore more about the recreational events and the accredited entertainment centres across the Kingdom, while enabling institutions operating in the sector to promote their events and activities.

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