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The General Entertainment Authority and the Council of Saudi Chambers Ink a Collaboration Agreement

Publish Date : 08/ 03/ 2021
Category : News, Press Releases

The General Entertainment Authority signed a collaboration agreement with the Council of Saudi Chambers (CSC) to implement the human capital development program across the entertainment sector, advancing the performance quality of establishments operating in the private sector, and enabling small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to improve the services they offer. The agreement further entails collaborating with the CSC’s Tourism, Events & Entertainment National Committee to provide support for and draw attention to entertainment activities, achieving the sector’s goals.

The collaboration agreement, sealed today (Monday) at the GEA headquarters, was signed by H.E. the chairman of the GEA board of directors Mr. Turki bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Sheikh and the CSC’s chairperson Mr. Ajlan bin Abdulaziz Al Ajlan. The agreement’s several areas of collaboration, which both parties agreed on implementing, primarily included the coordination between the GEA and the CSC’s Tourism, Events & Entertainment National Committee along with the Entertainment Committees in the Chambers to set targets for the committees in each chamber, to review them on a quarterly basis, and to measure their outcomes. The targets include determining the number of competent nationals who have been trained and initiated in the entertainment sector, establishing an academy that specializes in entertainment, supported by the GEA and in partnership with the Tourism, Events & Entertainment National Committee, and developing content and curricula for the teaching material of entertainment at universities and colleges.

The agreement extends the series of agreements signed by the GEA as part of its endeavors aiming to develop and revitalize the entertainment sector, as well as its role in organizing this sector in the Kingdom, elevating its competence, boosting its reliability, enabling it, and encouraging investing in it. Further, the GEA’s efforts have been focused on its collaboration with the business sector to ensure a work environment that stimulates the growth of the entertainment sector and promotes its position.

Furthermore, the agreement contributes to achieving the Quality of Life program aspirations and the Saudi Vision 2030 goals through developing and organizing the entertainment sector, attracting investors, enabling them, and offering them appropriate solutions. Consequently, this expands the range of options that foster further participation of nationals and residents in the entertainment activities, all the while creating jobs and achieving economic diversification in the Kingdom.

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