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GEA announces the resumption of entertainment activities

Publish Date : 27/ 05/ 2021
Category : Press Releases, News

The General Entertainment Authority (GEA) announced the resumption of entertainment activities and events as per the official protocols issued by the Public Health Authority to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including preventative regulations and guidelines for event's organizers and visitors to be followed during all events and activities. Those protocols cover four main aspects which are: environment, prevention, and social distancing, reporting and monitoring, awareness, and execution.

Environment, prevention, and social distancing protocols limit event entry to only vaccinated individuals as per their status specified in “Tawakalna App”, in compliance with the Ministry of Interior’s policy issued on the 18th of May 2021.

Attendance capacity is set at 40% for events organized in outdoor spaces, ticket sales are exclusively done via online outlets, entry timings are diligently regulated, and specific points are allocated for entry and exit. Moreover, the importance of observing preventive measures is underscored, including maintaining social distancing, wearing face masks, and having hand sanitizers widely available throughout event venues.

Regarding the reporting and monitoring aspect, protocols mandate the presence of monitoring checkpoints at all main entrances to the event, where visitors are inquired about respiratory symptoms, and have their temperatures measured. Any visitors exhibiting high temperatures or symptoms are denied access to the venue. The protocols also necessitate reporting any high temperate cases among employees, and excluding any with symptoms from attending events.
As for awareness, the protocols reiterate the importance of spreading consciousness among employees and visitors at event venues, educating them on COVID-19 symptoms and transmission methods, and urging them to disclose any experienced symptoms. Various educational materials are to be distributed to all visitors and employees, and sign boards outlining all preventive and safety measures are to be installed at event sites.

The execution aspect relates to obligating health and safety training sessions for all employees on preventative measures against the spread of COVID-19, including how to conduct examinations and use temperature measuring devices. It also requires appointing supervisors to oversee the implementation of all health requirements, and security guards to regulate masses, prevent overcrowding, and maintain social distancing protocols.

GEA also encouraged event organizers and visitors alike to abide by those protocols and sets of guidelines, and stay up to date with any relevant revisions and updates issued by the Public Health Authority. It reiterated its full readiness to offer support in revising plans and issuing special arrangements for every event to ensure the safety and security of visitors. The full guide can be accessed and downloaded via the following link: 

The protocols of entertainment activities resumption
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