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GEA Issues the Guidebook for Resuming Entertainment Activities

Publish Date : 19/ 06/ 2020
Category : Press Releases, News

The General Entertainment Authority issued the Guidebook for Resuming Entertainment Activities. The guidebook includes the protocols of amusement parks, entertainment centers, and events. It is compatible with the “Return Carefully” plan. The protocols include health awareness, physical distancing, gathering durations, organization, and prevention.

With regard to health awareness, it includes media messaging on not attending an entertainment activity if the attendee has symptoms or have been in contact with a confirmed case over the past 14 days. Also, providing educational material for workers and visitors, using signboards and sending instructions to visitors, so they have a complete picture of the precautionary measures before arrival. In addition to standards of safety for visitors and employees advertised with the event’s campaign, emphasizing “We are All Responsible” and “Return Carefully” plans, and allowing for reporting any violations against the precautionary measure.

The key procedure is to ensure physical distancing through organizing crowds, seating, and gathering, to avoid congestion through a 2-meter distance, using marked tracks and nine square meters per person capacity for all activities. Also, using visible stickers and ground signs or entry, exit, and lining up tracks. Also, limiting visit durations and interaction between organizers and participants as possible.

On the organizational side, there shall be a check for attendees contacting participants and organizers through the preregistration of data and contact details. Also, abiding by electronic booking or ticket purchase and training employees ahead on procedures, safety protocols, and instructions. Moreover, announcing the action plan for suspect cases, providing enough workers, compliance to precautionary measures, keeping a 2-meter distance, using separate tracks, and following up on workers’ health measures: wearing a mask, hand washing/sanitizing and temperature check.
As for preventive measures, the protocols stated that locations must be cleaned, surfaces sanitized, providing masks and sanitizers on entries, exits, and facilities. It is mandatory to wear masks and sanitize with keeping a safe distance when waiting, and to schedule facility sanitization.

For further information, please view the Guidebook for Resuming Entertainment Activities via the following link:
Guidelines for resumption of entertainment activities.

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