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GEA Promotes Digital Transformation in the Kingdom through the Tarfeeh Portal

Publish Date : 11/ 04/ 2021
Category : News, Press Releases


The Tarfeeh Portal, launched by the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) for developing and organizing the entertainment sector and supporting its infrastructure, has stood out among more than 800 digital projects after being chosen by the National Committee for Digital Transformation, alongside a slew of national digital projects.
Since its launch, the Tarfeeh Portal has enabled investors and companies operating in the entertainment sector to acquire licenses, permits and apply for accreditation certificates for entertainment events and activities.
The Tarfeeh Portal project comes as part of GEA’s efforts supporting digital transformation in the Kingdom through automating all procedures, services and internal operations supplementing the procedures for licenses and permits. The portal further streamlines business operations and procedures for investors and those interested in offering entertainment services, through four main services: permits for entertainment events, licences for entertainment activities, registration services for restaurants and cafés, and facilities for service providers.
During 2020, GEA issued through the Tarfeeh Portal 117 permits for entertainment events, 219 licenses for operating entertainment events venues, and 398 permits for live shows at restaurants and cafés. The portal has also enabled 188 investors to acquire licenses for the management and development of talents and artists. Additionally, the number of restaurants and cafés registered on the portal for obtaining permits for live shows reached more than 410.
In parallel, the Kingdom firmly edges ever closer to a full-scale expansion of its economic foundation and keeps pace with global digital advancement. With that, the Kingdom has secured its position among the top digitally-advanced countries, especially after earning 15 global achievements in digital transformation. According to the National Digital Transformation annual report for 2020, the Kingdom ranked first worldwide in four of those achievements.
Notably, GEA solidified its significant role in supporting digital transformation in the Kingdom by achieving ISO/IEC 20000 certification for the excellence of its information technology (IT) service management framework, from the British Standards Institution (BSI) which is accredited by the International Organization for Standardization. This milestone highlights GEA’s top performance in technical solutions which contribute to developing the entertainment sector’s framework in line with global standards.