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GEA Defines and Classifies Entertainment Centers across the Kingdom

Publish Date : 18/ 04/ 2021
Category : News


The General Entertainment Authority (GEA) has set out to define and classify entertainment centers that are not licensed by it. This step comes at a time when entertainment centers in the Kingdom are attracting scores of visitors, drawn in by the wide range of options and services available across all the Kingdom’s cities and governorates and tailored to the tastes of all family members.
Since its inception, GEA has had at the heart of its strategy the society’s aspirations and interests in entertainment centers and, thus, has always made the necessary efforts for promoting, developing, enhancing and multiplying them, in line with its mandate to develop and regulate the industry.
Entertainment centers are known for the considerable variety of events and activities offered to visitors. According to GEA’s classification, an entertainment center is any center hosting various games, concert halls, theme-based mystery escape rooms, including recreational centers with areas to practice hobbies and to hold social, leisure as well as educational activities.
GEA has put in place rules and regulations for entertainment centers and maintains regulatory oversight by carrying out regular on-site inspection tours, seeking to elevate the quality of their offerings and ensuring a fun and safe experience for visitors, in parallel, GEA has facilitated the necessary procedures for investors in entertainment centers to obtain licenses via the Entertainment Portal.
GEA continues to expand and enrich entertainment options, seeking to offer a more inclusive entertainment experience for all members of society and to strengthen social ties by offering friends and families the opportunity to enjoy memorable fun times together.

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