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General Entertainment Authority launches new, interactive portal

Publish Date : 10/ 03/ 2020
Category : News, Press Releases

The General Entertainment Authority (GEA) launched on Monday the Tarfeeh Portal to automate all licensing services and facilitate the process for entertainment activities and events.

The portal, which includes three platforms that serve the entertainment sector in the Kingdom, establishes directories of all suppliers and venues, lists GEA services and has an investment guide. On the portal, beneficiaries can evaluate the services provided by suppliers to raise the quality of entertainment options.

It includes venues, licenses, and suppliers’ registration platforms.

The suppliers’ platform enables support services such as crowd management, ticket issuance, and other services necessary to organize entertainment activities. The platform also gives interactive search options.

The venues’ platform enables visitors to do a personalized search. It provides an opportunity for subscribers to view visitors’ data so that event organizers can communicate with them to improve services.

The license platform provides an improved version of the license system. Its subscribers can register and save their data. They can also follow up on the status of their requests, interact through the platform and print licenses when issued.