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GEA Launches Al Merkaz for its Second Season in Jeddah

Publish Date : 12/ 04/ 2021
Category : News


The General Entertainment Authority (GEA) is launching the second season of the Ramadan tent Al Merkaz in Jeddah, revamped with marvellous designs to reflect a welcoming, peaceful Ramadan ambience. Aligning with world-class standards, the venue offers an outstanding experience while simultaneously abiding by the COVID-19 precautionary measures and the social distancing guidelines in restaurants and cafés, in addition to adhering to the highest food safety standards. This year, the lounge will further impress visitors with the finest coffees and desserts, as it hosts two prominent coffee shop brands: Leylaty and Brew92.
Since its launch, Al Merkaz has become a remarkable Ramadan destination for hundreds of visitors who revel in its joyful ambience and wide range of exquisite Saudi, Oriental, European, Chinese, and Indian dishes, prepared under the direction of a group of globally-renowned chefs from various countries, in addition to a number of Saudi culinary experts.
Designed by the Saudi company Design Lab and managed and operated by Leylaty group, Al Merkaz is one of GEA’s top projects aiming to enrich the entertainment industry with quality options that cater to the interests of all society’s demographics, promoting the quality of life and spreading a culture of joy. This project is also expected to generate numerous jobs both directly and indirectly, and will activate the agreement previously signed by GEA with Saudi Food Bank ‘Eta’am’ to pack and deliver leftover food to the needy.

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