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License Regulation

Issued by the Board of Directors of the General Entertainment Authority

Pursuant to Resolution No. 26/2018, dated 6/9/1439H corresponding to 21/5/2018G


Amended by the Resolution No36/2018 Dated 25/3/1440H Corresponding to 3/12/2018G

Article One:

The following terms and expressions shall have the meanings assigned to them, unless the context requires otherwise:

Regulation:          Entertainment Activities Licensing Regulation.

Authority:           General Entertainment Authority.

Entertainment Activities: The Activities licensed by the Authority under the terms of the Regulation, and intended for entertainment and which will through organizing events, show of an entertaining content on a continuous or temporary basis in an entertainment facility or otherwise which is accessible to the public or to a category of the public with or without a consideration.

Entertainment Facility: Any independent or subsidiary facility licensed to accommodate entertainment activities.

Licensee:            Any corporate person licensed to practice entertainment activities or establish an entertainment facility in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation.

License:          A license to practice an entertainment activity or to establish an entertainment facility which issued by the Authority under the terms of the Regulation.

Preliminary Approval: A non-objection form issued by the Authority.

The Committee   : A committee formed by the decision of the CEO to impose the sanctions provided for in Article Eighteen (18) and provided that it include a member with legal background.

Black List:          A list prepared by the Authority that lists the names of the persons whom should not be dealt with for violating the Regulation.

Article Two:

This Regulation sets out the formal procedures required to obtain the following licenses:

  1. Entertainment activity practicing license.
  2. Entertainment facility establishing license.

Article Three:

The terms of this Regulation is applicable on applicants applying for the License.

Article Four:

  1. Without prejudice to the competences of competent authorities, the Authority shall have jurisdiction to study the licensing application form and issue the required License accordance with the provisions of the Regulation.
  2. The Authority may collect fees in return for providing the services referred to in Para (1) of this Article.

Article Five:

It is conditional prior to practicing an entertainment activity or establishing an entertainment facility to obtain a license from the Authority as per the Regulation.

Article Six:

To obtain an entertainment facility license, the following conditions must be satisfied:

  1. To obtain a Preliminary Approval as per the following:
  2. The Applicant must undertakes to respect all the technical specifications approved by the Authority and pertain to the construction of the entertainment facility.
  3. The Applicant must either be the owner or occupant, during the term of the license, of the property on which the entertainment facility will be constructed.
  4. The Applicant must submit a feasibility study as per the Authority’s requirements.
  5. Filling the licensing application form for the construction of an entertainment facility and attach all the required documents.
  6. Determine the type of the entertainment facility subject of the licensing application.
  7. The Applicant must not be listed on the banning list.
  8. Any other requirements requested by the Authority at its discretion depending on the size and type of the proposed entertainment facility.
  9. Obtaining all the necessary licenses from.

Article Seven:

To obtain a license to practice entertainment activities, the following must be satisfied:

  1. Obtain a preliminary approval as follows:
  2. The application must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the establishment of the activity.
  3. The Applicant must have the necessary experience or the capabilities in the field of entertainment as per the Authority’s requirements.
  4. The Applicant must submit a detailed marketing plan with the relevant budget attached thereto, including all the advertising and marketing designs to be used in the marketing campaign for the entertainment activity, and all the promotional materials to be used in the public relations and media campaign for entertainment activity.
  5. Filling the relevant licensing form to obtain a license to practice the entertainment activity and attach the relevant documents needed.
  6. The Applicant must also submit a full operational plan for the entertainment activity subject of the license including the following:
  • The proposed logo for the entertainment activity (provided that it should include the trademark registration certificate).
  • Organizational plan to practice the entertainment activity.
  • The propose plan for the practice of the entertainment activity.
  • The number of tickets available for sale, their rates and categories.
  • Authorization letter of the persons authorized to sign before the Authority.
  1. The Applicant must not be on the Black List, and the entertainment activity must respect the kingdom’s values and culture as determined by the Authority.
  2. Any other Authority requirements.
  3. Obtain all the necessary licenses from all other competent authorities and payment of the considerations determined by the Authority.

Article Eight:

  1. The Authority shall study the preliminary approval application form and takes a decision to approve or deny offering the license to practice the entertainment activity within (5) working days, or within (90) days for the construction license of the entertainment facility as of the application date and to complete the licensing requirements. In case the license is denied, the denial must be justified.
  2. The license will be issued after obtaining the preliminary approval and obtaining the licenses provided for in paragraph (2) of Article Seven of the Regulation not later than thirty (30) days from the date of the application form. If the application is rejected, it must be justified.
  3. The term of the entertainment activity license commences from the date of its issuance and continues to valid for the duration of the entertainment activity. The term of the construction license of an entertainment facility extends to ten (10) years and shall be renewable for a similar period or periods.
  4. Renewal of the license shall be through submitting renewal application form using the form prepared by the Authority for this purpose and completion of all the requirements at least than thirty (30) days from the license expiry date.

Article Nine:

  1. The preliminary approval shall be valid for thirty (30) days in respect of the entertainment activity license and ninety (90) days in respect of the entertainment facility construction license from the date of its issuance and shall not be extendable or renewable. If the license expires and the applicant wishes to complete the application form, he must submit a renewal application.
  2. The preliminary approval does not permit commencement of an entertainment activity until the relevant license is obtained.

Article Ten:

For the license to continue to be valid, the Licensee must comply with the licensing requirements and any other Authority requirements.

Article Eleven:

A licensee may not make any amendments to the license without the Authority’s written approval.

Article Twelve:

In the event of loss or damage of the license, the Licensee must file a replacement application.

Article Thirteen:

  1. A Licensee may cancel or revoke its license provided that it must submit an application to the Authority at least five (5) work days prior the proposed cancellation date.
  2. The license revocation form must contain sufficient information justifying the revocation in order for the Authority to decide whether or not to approve or defer the cancellation or to request the application of other measures as it deems appropriate to protect the beneficiaries in general.
  3. After the receipt of the revocation request, the Authority may notify the Applicant with one of the following decisions:
  4. Approve the revocation request.
  5. Reject the revocation request if it deems – at its discretion – that it is necessary for the license to continue as valid including the cases where the license is necessary for the following purposes:
  6. Running any investigation pertaining to the Licensee.
  7. To protect the beneficiaries’ interests.

Article Fourteen:

The Authority may, at its discretion, exempt the Applicant from some of its obligations or requirements provided for in the Regulation.

Article Fifteen:

The Licensee undertakes to practice the entertainment activity in accordance with the following:

  1. To respect the Islamic values, ethics and Kingdom’s culture.
  2. Respect the Saudi applicable laws and regulations.
  3. Not to offense individuals, government bodies or private bodies in any way.
  4. Taking all the necessary safety and security measures within the entertainment facility including, the maintenance of the entertainment facility, equipment and buildings located therein and used for the entertainment activity in addition to other Authority approved security and safety obligations.
  5. Adding the license number to any advertising or promotional materials of the entertainment activity.
  6. Comply with the instructions and directions set out by the Authority from time to time.

Article Sixteen:

The Licensee shall be liable for all accidents and dangers which takes place within the entertainment facility. The Authority shall not be liable for any accidents or dangers that take place in the entertainment facility.

Article Seventeen:

The Licensee may not use the Authority’s logo on any material, advertising or promotional design without the Authority’s written approval.

Article Eighteen:

Without prejudice to the competences of other bodies, in the event the Licensee violates any of the terms of the Regulation, the Committee shall be entitled to apply one or more of the following sanctions:

  1. Suspension of Licensee’s subsidies.
  2. Suspension of the entertainment activity in case the Licensee violates any of the provisions of this Regulation or if the Authority – at its discretion – believed that neither the entertainment facility nor the entertainment activity is ready.
  3. Suspend or cancel the license.
  4. To stop dealing with the violator temporarily or permanently and placing his name to the banned list.

Article Nineteen:

The Authority may notify the violator prior to taking against him any of the sanctions provided for in Article Eighteen of the Regulation and granting him a proper time period to correct the situation depending on the Authority’s assessment of the nature of the violation.

Article Twenty:

This Regulation shall be issued by a resolution of the Authority and shall come into effect from the date of its issuance.

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